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Matt & Craig's Chunk Toast

11 Lines That Were Cut From the Script of

"Welcome Back Kotter"

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1. Up your nose with my stinkin' toes.

2. Up your ass with a shard of glass.

3. Up your butt with a bit of alright, what?

4. Up your snoot with my size 10 boot.

4. Up your anus with something heinous.

5. Up your rear with the horn of a steer.

6. Up your shnoz with The Wizard of Oz.

7. Up your behind hole with a 10 foot pole.

8. Up your beak with the pen of a geek.

9. Up your proboscis with the thumb of Colossus.

10. Up your keister with an egg left over from Easter.

11. Up your rump with a bicycle pump.

Recent News:

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"Ally McBeal" and "Shasta McNasty" will be coming together to form a new show.  No word yet on what the title of this new series will be but rumor has it that it will be called "Ally McNasty".  All of the characters will be the same but you won't have to watch two shows to see them. 

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