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Latest News: I have tranferred the correct patches to my computer and have uploaded them to the site. All of the patches below should be correct.  The RPEdit application is required in order to use the files.  Click here to download RPEdit.

Patch Name Artist Author Info


Webmaster Makes your guitar sound like an organ.  Works best on chords, particularly open chords.
Look Ma No Bass None Webmaster Makes your guitar sound like a bass.
Shut Up And Play... (FZ) Frank Zappa Webmaster CC pedal controlled flange setup to emulate FZ's lead sound on "Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar".  Has a synth quality when used with distortion.
Drop D'mented None Webmaster Downtunes your guitar, so you don't have to.
Watermelon In Easter Hay (FZ) Frank Zappa Webmaster Heavy reverb that emulates FZ's lead sound on "Watermelon in Easter Hay" from Joe's Garage.
On The Bus (FZ) Frank Zappa Webmaster Echo that emulates FZ's lead sound on "On The Bus" from Joe's Garage.
Flangee Chorus None Webmaster Chorus that has a flanger-like quality.
Wet 12 String None Digitech Settings taken from the GSP-2101 patch.
Big Fat Bass Room None Webmaster Similar to "Look Ma No Bass" but with a different bass sound.
Why Joe Satriani Webmaster Similar to JS's sound on "Why".
Cool #9 Joe Satriani Webmaster Allows you to achieve pitch bends similar to JS's "Cool #9".
Reverse None Webmaster Uses the time warp effect to make what you play come out backward.
Octave Box Neck PU None Webmaster Emulates an octave box, like the one Jimmy Page used on "Fool in the Rain".  Sounds more authentic with a single coil neck pickup.
Neck Pickup Blues new.gif (4341 bytes) None Digitech A tweaked version of the GSP-2101 patch with the same name.   Gives a warm, clean, and chorused blues lead sound.
String Volume Swell new.gif (4341 bytes) None Digitech Another GSP-2101 patch tweak.  Gives a fuller pitch shifted sound with a volume swell.
Slide Steel (FC) new.gif (4341 bytes) None Digitech Yet another 2101 patch tweak.  Sounds like an electrified slide steel guitar when you use the continuos control pedal.
Nozone new.gif (4341 bytes) None Digitech You guessed it, a 2101 patch tweak.  It's a heavily chorused sound that sounds very good with heavy distortion.

Right click on the program name and select 'Save as' to download.

All patches have most of the preamp section bypassed because I am using my 2120 in conjuction with a Hughes and Kettner Triamp.

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If you have a program that you would like to submit, even if it's a tweak, e-mail it to me with your name and any other info to
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