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** FLASH **  D.W.I. drummer Nick Wiess, aka Sticky/Dick Shaft, while inspecting his upstate     N.Y. oil concern, loses two fingers in pumping machinery.  As of this writing, doctors are                  attempting to graft lost digits to his hand.  Updates as they are received.

December 1998 - D.W.I. CD, 'Drink!' available at Amazon.com.

Jan 18, 1999 - D.W.I.'s well received EP entitled 'Hang With The Heathen' is now available in CD format, featuring killer remake of Billy Roberts', 'Hey Joe'.

April 7, 1999 - D.W.I. is now on MP3.COM.  Songs from Drink!, can be downloaded in mp3 format.

August 15, 2000 - D.W.I. is now on the Underground Internet Music Archive.  We are now accepting credit card purchases.  Click here for more information.

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