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Standing, from left to right: Nick Weis(aka Dick Shaft), Daks, Chance Carrico.
Sitting, from left to right: Shayne Speach(aka Shame), Jeff Pike.

Nick: Drums
Daks: Vocals
Chance: Bass
Shayne: Guitars/Vocals
Jeff: Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards

The D.W.I. band is comprised of 5 individuals from Southern Maryland with varied musical backgrounds. The rhythm guitarist’s, (Shame), influences include Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. He is a handsome well-built six-footer with golden tresses who looks better in make-up than most women. He might well pass as the fairer sex from behind until one has had the occasion to be bedded down by this Adonis like creature, this is when any similarity to the feminine persuasion ends. The drummer, (Dick Shaft) is also a handsome young well-built college educated lad, also influenced by Zeppelin. If one were to engage in intelligent conversation with Mr. Shaft, one would question the tenured professorship and curriculum of East Carolina University. This has absolutely no bearing on his outstanding percussive abilities. The bassist, (Chance), is a troubled lad who on occasion exhibits disassociative behavior, which could quite possibly explain his instrumental concentration. The lead singer on most of the arrangements, (Daks) is a bit older than the other members. For many years he faked his way through Sinatra and Bennett numbers in cabarets and dives along the east coast. Upon meeting and falling in with the other members of the D.W.I. band, we feel he has found his niche. Our lead guitarist, an extremely talented and diverse young man recently replaced the original lead guitarist who unfortunately has been plagued by an extremely serious malady. The young upstart, (Blurp) covers the original material with ease and through his six-string aficionado, demonstrates greater lead and rhythmic feeling.

"Drink!", The band’s initial offering has been followed by an EP entitled "Hang With the Heathen" which includes a remake of the classic, ‘Hey Joe’. Their second CD is nearing completion.

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