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Matt & Craig's Chunk Toast

Welcome to Matt & Craig's Chunk Toast. This page was created for the purpose of providing a humorous look on the world around us. Every 2 weeks it will be updated with a new theme. This week's theme is

  1. Pussy Boats A Comin'
  2. Here Comes El Nino
  3. The Professor is Fresh Out of Ideas
  4. The Professor Radios for Viagra
  5. Let's Use The Skipper for a Life Boat
  6. Marian and Ginger Rock The Hut
  7. Gilligan Gets Caught Downloading Porn Under Age on Coconut Computer
  8. Mr. Howell Loses His Teddy
  9. Mrs. Howell Loses Hers Too
  10. Head Hunters Shrink The Professor's Head
  11. Gilligan Scrapes Bird Poop Off of The Howell's Roof and Only Gets Five Dollars For It
  12. Marian and Ginger Fight Over the Last PMS Pill and Tampon
  13. Gilligan Loses His Swim Trunks in the Lagoon and Marian and Ginger Catch a Glimpse of His Small Banana and Shriveled-Up Coconuts
  14. Gilligan Asks The Professor For a Banana Enlargement- The Professor Just Laughs
  15. The Predator Lands on Gilligan's Island
  16. Gilligan Finds a Strange Weed in the Jungle, Lights it Up and Gets High
  17. Gilligan Reaches Puberty but Still Wouldn't Touch Ginger and Marian
  18. Hustler Visits Gilligan's Island- Gives Ginger and Marian Jobs
  19. Gilligan Ge's Lice and Jock Itch From Pet Gorrilla

Pictured from left to right: The Professor, Marian, Gilligan, Ginger, Mr. Howell, Mrs. Howell, The Skipper.

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