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11 Marketing Slogans Rejected By Pfizer For Viagra  


ad-pfize.gif (6639 bytes)            1. Rise & shine            viagrapill.gif (12264 bytes)

2. Up, up, and away

3. A stroke of luck

4. Rise to the invasion

5. Reach new heights

6. An extension of your love

7. Give yourself a lift

8. Straight up

9. Harder than ever

10. Creating working stiffs for everyone

11. (Special from Pfizer German Marketing Division) Für eine Blitz Rute (For a lightning rod)

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Recent News:pall_bearers.jpg (54038 bytes)On your mark, get set....

The X-Games is adding a new event called, "Extreme Pall Bearin'".  It involves two teams of ten (Other team not shown).   Each team has their own casket that they must carry.  The first team to the finish line wins the event.  Sponsored by Paul Bearer of the WWF.

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