Hard to Find C64 Games

Below are some hard to find games that I have found on the web and some background info.

Name Screenshot Comments


chester.gif (6587 bytes) Found the emulator version of this game thanks to Peer Jones.  I bought this game because I liked the look of it.  It's sort of like a cross between Wonder Boy and Castlevania.  The graphics aren't that great but I think that the playability is very good.

The Crypt

crypt.gif (2247 bytes) This was one of the many games that originally came with my C64.  I thought that I would never find it on the web, but here we are.  It's a very simple game with simple graphics.  Looks like someone programmed it from scratch.  The object is to collect the items before the monsters touch you.

Special Agent

spagent.gif (4547 bytes) I used to (and still do) like this platform game.  It seemed unique to me because I didn't have any other games of this type.  This is another game that has excellent music.  Apparently you play the bank robber and your enemies are special agents.


tom.gif (5343 bytes) The original version of this game that I had was corrupt.  The movement was very slow which made it a pain in the ass to play.  It is a neat game, but very difficult.

(With Title Screen)

uridium.gif (4497 bytes) This title screen was on one of my games disks, but the game itself was not.  I was intrigued by the great graphics and excellent music.  I did not play Uridium until years later when it was given to me with a lot of other games from a lady who worked at a local video store.  Notice the 3D representation of the game in the upper-left corner.  The music from this title screen is one of my all time C64 favorites. 

Topsy Turvy

turvy.gif (4999 bytes) I copied this game and others from the son of a guy that my father knew.   The original version that I had didn't have any of the original levels like the one I found on the web.  I was a creative kid and I enjoyed games with level editors.   That is why I liked this one. 

Right click on the game title and choose 'Save' to download.

If anyone has any of this game or knows where I can find it, please send me an email.